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Our Story


We got tired of seeing drugs, guns, and naked girls on shirts, and we thought,” What if we did something different?” What if, instead of promoting those things, we promoted forward-thinking ideas like: completing a degree, landing a career, taking care of your family, and giving back to your community. Created a brand that supported people having these positive aspirations and putting forth the effort to reach them. A brand that backed people up when things got tough, was honest about the ups and downs in life, and ultimately, attempted to move people forward.


So, we came up with, Walking Giants, the forward-thinking brand for the urban individual. Established on these ideas, we exist to support and encourage those on the journey of growth to become the most they can be.




Giving Back

Giving people the opportunity to earn a living so they can provide for themselves is the best way to help. That’s why as part of our Social Responsibility Program we donate 10% of our profits to non-profits that help people in impoverished areas receive vital resources for economic growth. Instead of giving free food and clothes away, we give people the tools they need to earn a living so they can buy their own food and clothes. Right now, there is a handyman somewhere in the world who can use the extra nails in your garage to earn a living and support his family, and we get him those nails. We love giving back and we especially find this way of doing it extremely efficient, meaningful and impactful, so we’ve made it a permanent company policy.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

-Anne Isabella Thackeray


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